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Blessed Be Holistics®
Nicole, Gabberbabe, Blessed Be, is a social media influencer and promotes wellness products as aligned with her brand for spiritual wellness. Blessed Be is a protected business. To report Copyright Infringement, Libel, Ect: https://bit.ly/429PScA
Are results guaranteed?
Our products are made with the love, light, and kindness of the Universe. Made custom with imported, blessed, sacred, and holy supplies. Results may vary per user, per intent, and are not 100% guaranteed. Everything said, made, or done is for entertainment purposes only.
If your intentions are good and full of love, joy, and forgivingness, and you believe in the Source, then your beliefs may manifest upon your own beliefs. Saying the suggested prayers are suggested, not enforced.
Why did you cancel my order?
For the safety of our buyers, we reserve the right to cancel orders from anyone with false, misleading, or personably harassing information that would render the product's integrity to be faulty or be disturbing to the Seller. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes.
You do not service my country,
For security reasons and/or fast shipping, I do not accept payments from select countries. Sorry for this inconvenience. 
Belief and Honor 
Please go in peace if my beliefs or vision does not align with yours, as I do not wish to force any outlook, belief, or religion that does not follow your heart's path and your soul's journey, 
For this reason, my beliefs are mine and mine alone, please respect my space. If for whatever reason, the things I speak upon are not aligning with you then please go in peace. Namaste.