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I read as an angelic divine tarot and energy reader that is Buddhist in faith. I work with the ascended masters of Source and believe we are all capable of being Bohdisittivas so that we may unite to Oneness with Source's love, and be our highest selves. Together with your direct information and experiences, we can help understand the situation at hand, ourselves, and how to best heal or be our highest self.  I work with many types of angelic energies from all religions and divinities. Some examples of these are the Archangels, various Buddhas, Seraphs, Norse figures, Hindu and Egyptian energies of light, and our Source Energy.
We can even spend this time connecting to loved ones crossed over, ancestors, guides, past lives,  or animals through divination oracles. My energy is here to help you understand your spiritual path and movement toward the Divine and your soul mission or karmic healing. Blessed Be.
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