What Is Sound Healing?
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Sound healing is the art of using vibrations and frequency tones or music to heal or raise your vibration. Some examples of these may be the use of sound bowls, drums, rattles, and other shamanic devices to help balance and clear your energy. I believe sounds are healing both personally and vibrationally, I am going to go through both as different paths for sound healing exploration.
The first path is one of tones, frequencies, and vibrations, this type of music is known as solfeggio frequencies. Solfeggio frequencies are a set of 9 electromagnetic tones that are reputed to have the power to heal and raise consciousness. They form the basis of many ancient sacred music traditions dating back as far as the 8th century, such as the Gregorian chants and Indian Sanskrit chants.
In Buddhism, when we chant together, it is in a sort of singing or vibrational tone. Those sounds may sound like, "Om," "Ham," "Yam," "Ram," "Vam," and "Lam." Each tone resonates with a different chakra and when chanted, the tone can be very healing.

444 Hz to 555 Hz – Reversing Circumstances and Empowering Transformation, Eliminating Barriers
The frequency range of 444 Hz signifies the initiation of new beginnings, effectively eliminating negative energy from the body, home, and workplace. Personally, I prefer not to go lower than 444 Hz as there are higher resonating frequencies that can achieve the same results without compromising the vibrational level.
528 Hz to 639 Hz – Transcendence and Miraculous Shifts
At 528 Hz, we encounter one of the most potent frequencies known for its profound impact on our overall well-being. This frequency has the power to awaken our imagination, intention, and intuition. Often referred to as the "love frequency," it has the ability to evoke a spiritual awakening within us.
639 Hz to 777 Hz – Harmonizing Relationships and Healing Trauma
The frequency of 639 Hz facilitates the connection and healing of turbulent relationships, whether they are with friends, family, or the broader community.
741 Hz to 888 Hz – Awakening Intuition and Promoting Healing of Body and Organs
For enhancing intuition and problem-solving abilities, the frequency of 741 Hz can be highly beneficial. It promotes mental clarity and serves as a tool for individuals dealing with chronic pain.
852 Hz to 999 Hz – Restoring Spiritual Alignment and Manifestation
The frequency of 852 Hz is known for its ability to restore and rebalance spirituality. It aids in establishing a profound connection with the universe and one's own consciousness.
999 Hz and Above – Attaining Divine Consciousness, Alleviating Stress and Pain, and Clearing Negative Energies
Reaching the highest range of the nine main frequencies, 963 Hz is often referred to as the "frequency of the Gods." It creates space for oneness and unity with the spiritual realm. While I personally find 9999 Hz to be the highest frequency I prefer to work with, it's important to note its potential for relieving pain, stress, and removing negative energy.

Below, I have listed some of my favorites that I like to pair with mediation or easy listening whenever I see fit. Most of the time, I mix frequencies together with tones and find that they can be even more healing as a pair of group when played together.
The next kind of healing music is something I like to call "High-Vibe Music." To me, this could be your favorite feel-good 80's song to the best electronic dance music song you ever heard, it is personal to you, which is why I feel high vibe music is in its own category as it may only make sense to you and your body, mind, and soul. A lot of nu-age spiritual workers are into a genre that is also called High Vibe Music, which consists of loving messages and melodies like "I am women, I am holy, I am faithful and divine," "Goodness and love shall follow me," "I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that b***." I love almost all music, classical, reggae, dance, punk, pop, gospel, and more. So when I make a playlist of feel-good tunes, it is more for a specific intention and message and less for each song individually. This type of music may not be made with high frequencies but the self-help/self-love genre is a favorite among new-age spiritualists. I will also link my favorite below and in addition to that, each article will include a little song or playlist to help you be in the frequency (I just love music, can't help it haha). In our next chapter, we will go over chanting and affirmations and how to best utilize this sound tool to heal.

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