Cultivating Inner Balance and Creating Sacred Spaces
Upon awakening, I find myself contemplating the notion that we are spiritual beings undergoing a human experience. This profound experience necessitates the purification of our physical bodies and surroundings, allowing us to foster tranquility and harmony during our earthly sojourn. Whenever there is an imbalance within ourselves or our homes, it manifests as a sense of heaviness, unfamiliarity, disorientation, haziness, or discomfort. Fortunately, there are various means by which we can rectify these conditions.
One method of spiritual cleansing involves the purification of our living spaces. Cleansing our homes is as vital as purifying our minds, bodies, and souls. To me, my home is akin to a Buddhist temple—a sacred haven where I connect with the divine and offer my prayers. Whenever this space is encroached upon or tainted, I invoke protective and purifying measures within its confines.
But how can we determine if our homes have been trespassed upon or burdened by negative energy? If one is spiritually attuned, they may seek guidance from their spiritual guides to reveal any misplaced or missing items, relying on their intuition to discern the appropriate steps required to restore these belongings to their rightful places. In the event of a stolen spiritual item, there is no cause for concern, for one's guides will eventually retrieve it, and the malevolent energies responsible for the act will invariably face consequences. After retrieving the cherished relic, it is prudent to implore one's guides to imbue it with the illuminating light of the Source. This divine light renders the item impervious to malevolent forces, ensuring that any demonic entity that touches it is scorched. I once found myself in a situation where energies attempted to pilfer garments and jewelry from my astral body for use in ritualistic endeavors, along with another item. In such instances, I recommend enlisting the aid of one's guides to ward off these energies using the most suitable method, thereby identifying the culprits and nullifying the intended magickal effects. It is important to note that stealing from someone within the spiritual realm carries significant karmic repercussions.
For those capable of astral travel, signs of negative trespassers within one's home manifest as nocturnal attacks during sleep or upon awakening in the astral realm of the domicile, where an unsettling sense of unfamiliarity pervades the surroundings. As an example, my own home possesses more than 24 potential dimensions. The lower dimensions pose issues only when infiltrated by low-vibrational energies, distorting the perception of one's home and obscuring any malevolent entities concealed within it or indicating its disorderliness. I discovered this when I experienced a lucid dream within my home, observing my vision board and turntables in disarray. I sought assistance from my guides to rectify and cleanse the area. Should peculiar elements manifest within one's home, such as Sonic the Hedgehog roaming about, it is prudent to question their presence. If such manifestations are orchestrated by one's guides, they can reveal the true appearance of things and restore them effortlessly to their preferred state, resembling a "comic book" dimension if desired. If one awakens after seeking clarity or witnessing something amiss, it is likely that the energy in question deliberately concealed itself. I firmly believe that one's guides would not alter their home without permission or knowledge, as individuals should have agency over the appearance of their space across each dimension. I can discern parts of my home that feel unsettled, whether during lucid dreaming or while awake, as these low-vibrational energies exploit these dimensions to cause havoc, creating disorder and breaches within the fabric of the interconnected spiritual network, thereby permitting further infiltration of negative energy. To rectify these breaches and restore balance, we engage in cleansing rituals.
After ensuring the safety of your spiritual belongings, the focus can shift to the process of cleansing them, as well as yourself. One effective method I have discovered involves using sound healing, a combination of smoke (such as incense), and a sprayable smudge technique. Allow me to provide an example: Suppose you have a TV in your living room that seems to accumulate negative energy, and you're uncertain about how this energy is entering the space. To cleanse this area, you can wipe surfaces with a mixture of Florida Water and Holy Water, light temple incense, and ring bells to clear the space. I personally delve deep into the cleansing process and even wash my floors with sacred supplies, as I believe they should not come into contact with impure spaces. This cleansing approach can be applied to every corner and item in your home, including doors, mirrors, walls, and windows. Speaking of windows, you can also paint sigils or prayer markers on these surfaces to ward off unwanted entry or use.
Another practice I employ is placing selenite above the most frequently traversed areas of my home. In some instances, I still find solace in using salt as a means of protection. I use salt around areas where selenite might not be as effective, providing an extra sense of security. Furthermore, you can utilize banishment chants to help clear your space. Personally, I find the word "Bismillah" to be effective in banishing energies from my space. For more extreme cases, I recommend referring to my previous blog post for additional methods of heavier protection and energy identification.
Now, let's discuss the spiritual effectiveness of physical ingredients, such as salt, particularly in the context of cooking. Cooking, to me, is not only an act of self-care but also a means of protection. In old magick practices, ingredients like salt, basil, paprika, and more can be used for internal cleansing. Discover the herbs that resonate best with you and incorporate them into your self-care ritual of preparing spiritual meals. Another technique derived from old magick involves using an egg as a vessel to trap and remove negative energies when other methods like bells are ineffective in cleansing. Although I have transitioned to Quantum Magick, I used to perform egg cleansings when I was still awakening to its practices. In more physical approaches, crystals like tourmaline can be used to grid spaces or cleanse your body. You can also employ evil eyes or other energy traps to catch and absorb dark energies surrounding you. Alternatively, you can create a jar filled with loving ingredients to repel or neutralize dark energies from harming you or your space. On the other hand, you can seek assistance from your guides to enchant a physical object for healing and protection, rather than banishing and cleansing. You have the ability to enchant any object for any purpose, but it is crucial to act for the highest good of all living souls to minimize karmic consequences.
Moving on to meditation, Quantum Magick represents a higher form of spiritual cleansing and magick compared to old magick, accessible through a high vibrational state of mind. Instead of performing an egg cleanse, I prefer to meditate and pray, finding it to be equally effective. Meditation serves as a powerful means of not only raising your vibration but also clearing your auric field and energy. Admittedly, some days I find this task challenging due to the attacks I experience. However, it's essential to remember that the Divine is always there to support and assist you when you need it. On such days, I find solace in sitting quietly by myself in places I consider sacred, lighting a prayer candle, and uttering the phrase, "Dear One, I have suffered, please help." This phrase originates from a Buddhist teaching that encourages seeking help without guilt or shame.
 It's acceptable to ask your loved ones, guides, ancestors, or even God for assistance. These teachings, imparted by a Master in Plum Village, offer various mantras for healing oneself or others during meditation. These mantras include phrases such as 
The list goes as follows: 
Dear One, I am here for you, I am with you (I see you). 
Dear One, I know that you are there, I am so happy, thank you. 
Dear One, I know you suffer, I am here for you. 
Dear One, this is a happy moment .
Dear One, you are partly true. You are partly right.
Select the mantras that resonate with your personal experiences, and approach the energies around you and within you with empathy and love. When focusing on healing your light body, prioritize your chakras, as you will be able to sense when they are misaligned or ungrounded. If your auric field has been breached, it is likely that your chakras have also been weakened and become unbalanced. To heal your chakras, concentrate on the area of your body that calls to you and engage in deep breathing, visualizing light and space filling and transforming that particular area. When our chakras are healed, they become active and open, facilitating personal transformation. During this exercise, you may also explore forgiveness meditations or cord-cutting meditations. It is important to note that it is perfectly normal to release emotions and energies, which may lead to tears, as a way to clear our bodies. A powerful mantra for this process is 
"I release you with a full heart."
Another technique that aids in cleansing is the use of music. I often ring bells while walking around, as the high-pitched sound is unsettling for low vibrational energies. I particularly enjoy sound healing with frequencies, which can be accessed on platforms like YouTube or through the use of sound bowls. Frequency music can effectively eliminate low vibrational energies or promote healing in specific areas. I sometimes employ this method while sleeping, as music holds a deep healing and personal significance for me. When in doubt, playing frequencies of 999hz or higher and leaving them on for a few hours can be beneficial. Similar to smoke, sound waves permeate multiple dimensions and suffocate hostile energies that may harm angelic beings in their spaces.
Lastly, self-care plays a significant role in the cleansing process. As mentioned earlier, activities like cooking, taking naps, or even cleaning your home can be forms of self-care. Spiritual baths, incorporating sacred and holy supplies along with healing crystals, are highly recommended. However, self-care is not limited to baths alone; it could take the form of a walking meditation outside, getting a haircut, or having your nails done. Engage in activities that elevate your vibration and clear your energy, whatever feels natural and sacred to you. In cases of severe energetic imbalance, I strongly advise seeking a spiritual bath or professional Reiki treatment, as sometimes we require assistance in restoring our own energy or the energy of our living spaces, and that's perfectly alright. If you are unsure about which self-care methods are best suited for you, I specialize in readings that involve your guides or higher self to help you discover the most effective healing rituals, which can be further tracked through journaling to monitor your progress toward your goals. Additionally, one of the most powerful ways to clear your energy is by saying, 
"I call back all of my energy, warded and protected, from all low vibrational, demonic, and karmic energies, from every time / space dimension, dream, and device, amen."
I chant this phrase and repeat it until it feels right.
If you or someone you know is unable to clear themselves or their living space, I suggest seeking the assistance of a Reiki master or Shaman. It is crucial to vet these individuals, ensuring that they align with angelic and divine energies, as you want someone who has your highest good in mind when working within your space. We are all
 continuously learning, and it is perfectly acceptable to seek help when a task exceeds the capabilities of our physical bodies at a given time. Remember, you are safe and protected.
In the next segment, I will delve into different high vibrational music and sounds, explaining how they can aid us and the effects of each frequency. As music holds great significance in my life journey, I am excited to share this information with you.

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