"Our guests loved you and truly felt seen and heard. Thank you so much. They expressed tears of joy and empathy unexpressed by words alone." -M.B. 

"My tarot reading with Blessed Be was so wonderful and truly touched my soul. I was amazed by Nicole’s intuition, and ability to connect with me, and with the Divine. Everything was so spot on and the reading gave me so much insight into my life. She also connected to a departed loved one of mine, which gave me a lot of closure and peace. Along with the reading, she offered kindness, support, and wisdom. I highly recommend Blessed Be and will be back for future readings. Thank you!" -L.B.

"I really appreciate the reading, You definitely answered alot of questions that I feel like I needed confirmation on, hearing it all from you without me giving you much detail, and the way the cards played out every single detail – My mind is blown.  Thank you, I am so glad I reached out. Definitely coming back for life." – C.T.

"Kind, professional, and fun to be read by! Her intuition was so spot on and at times left me in disbelief, as I kept the original inquiry quite vague to see how she would fare, but I left impressed with her intuition and more assured about which course of action would ultimately lead to a path of happiness in my life. She goes above and beyond highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each possible path and what the cards as a whole are conveying. Would recommend 12/10 and will be back quite often in the future!" – T.B.
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